• How To Choose Your Wedding Music
    Posted by marreme

     When it comes to planning your wedding, the type of wedding music you choose is one good way to really personalize your ceremony. Some clergy will insist that you choose ...

  • How To Recognize A Professional DJ
    Posted by D & W Entertainment Group Inc.

    By Wayde SalmonWayde SalmonD & W Entertainment GroupBeing a DJ, like any other profession, comes in various degrees of expertise ranging from beginner, intermediate, expert, to other. “Other” is a ...

    Posted by Soneo Entertainment Services

         Live Music adds grandeur, distinction and emotion to any wedding celebration.  In these modern times, the DJ is the standard choice, but why not consider live music for ...

  • How To Hire A Wedding DJ
    Posted by D & W Entertainment Group Inc.

    In this article, I'm going to give some advise on how to hire a wedding DJ. To do so, I think it fitting that we compare the process of an ...

  • What To Look For When Hiring A DJ
    Posted by D & W Entertainment Group Inc.

    Planning a wedding can be quite stressful, right? So many things to consider, that it all becomes overwhelming at times. And then there are the people who are taking advantage ...

  • The Value in Hiring a Professional DJ Service
    Posted by By Request Entertainment Specialists

    The DJ Professional has a difficult time overcoming the stereotypes that come with the term “DJ”. The definition of Professional is: “conforming to the standards of skill, competence or character ...

  • Tips for Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding!
    Posted by marreme

    Choosing an entertainer for your wedding can be important for the success of your wedding. Here are some questions that you need to ask before you decide on one.1. What ...

  • Wedding Music Tips: Why Your Wedding Day Music Is So Important
    Posted by marreme

    Submitted By: Melissa Burton  Many couple like to enjoy music at their wedding; the music can be played throughout the ceremony as well as the reception so you have to ...

  • Picking Wedding Music
    Posted by marreme

    So you have exchanged vows, and have said your I dos, now it is now time to head out to the reception and party like you have never partied before. ...

  • Choosing a Live Band or A DJ for Your Wedding
    Posted by marreme

    Music is the life of a party. That is also true for a wedding. The song for the first dance will be in your memory for ever, so make sure ...

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