How many brides out there have been disappointed in their search for a beautiful wedding card box or a satiny wedding money box which could meet both aesthetic and budget requirements?  As J. Rose of Wrap Artist found out in 2011 on the occasion of her own marriage, there were either white cardboard 'mailbox' styles that looked extremely dated, or do-it-yourself projects that looked easy but weren't, including ideas using a birdcage(!) or US-made custom designed boxes that were very expensive, especially if one factored in the shipping costs. Being the creative type, J. Rose ended up not only making her own money box, but also setting up Wrap Artist in September 2012.

"Wrap Artist creates beautiful wedding card boxes, carefully hand-crafted and designed with luxurious satin fabric, delicate lace trim, sparkly rhinestones and silky ribbons - all the lovely things that a bride should be surrounded with on her wedding day", declares J. Rose. She should know- after her own personal experience, J. Rose makes sure that brides all across Canada have the option of choosing between readymade and custom-designed wedding card boxes at very competitive prices. Perfect for bridal showers and weddings, these lovely boxes can also be used as a keepsake box for all those special wedding and honeymoon memories. "Our creations also include a unique locking system to keep one's valuable contents safe while at the bridal shower or wedding and provides easy removal of contents after the event thus making it doubly convenient", adds J. Rose.
She gets inspiration from everything and everywhere, including event decor, fashion, design, weding styles, wedding cakes, desserts, fabric stores and everything sparkly! Once she has the basic idea, she sketches it out and then enjoys the process of seeing a finished product of her own design and creativity come together as something beautiful and functional. J. Rose also likes the fact that brides are now ready to support local craft vendors, and at the same time actively seek out their perfect wedding card and money boxes and won't settle for mailboxes or birdcages!
J. Rose used to love wrapping all the Christmas gifts for her 'huge 'family when she was younger, and now continues to enjoy creating her own beautiful boxes as a business. Based in Toronto, Wrap Artist is specifically sold in Canada and is available with quick delivery (2-4 business days). Currently there is a sale on till 31st March on ready made wedding card boxes making them an even more attractive option.
So c'mon brides, what are you waiting for?
J. Rose can be contacted via email at satinbox@wrap-artist.ca, and one can also shop and order at www.wrap-artist.ca
By Rana Khan


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