The logistics of an event like a wedding can be overwhelming- it seems almost a Herculean task to coordinate the invitations,banquet hall arrangements,decor, flowers,cake, food,music....unless of course one happens to be Kathleen Martino of Brampton,ON, who started her Perfect Touch Event Planning company way back in 1998." I had been planning family and friends' weddings since the 80s, and was told that I excelled at it, and should do it for a living,"recalls Kathleen. After working for a few other industries, she realized that indeed planning events came naturally to her, and a comprehensive course in wedding and event planning later, discovered that working for herself was much more rewarding.
Kathleen's business philosophy is simple: her clients should feel that their event is as important to her as it is to them."I want my clients to be happy and stress-free.I want them to have the best of the best, no matter what their budget is," she says. This means that Kathleen works with a huge variety of different vendors, including photographers, deejays and limousine companies, in addition to florists, cake designers, caterers, bridal fashion companies, videographers, decor companies and banquet hall managers( in fact, the only part of a wedding she doesn't cover is booking a church for the ceremony!). This in turn means that she's able to cater to every budget, big or small, and ensures further that her clients can have an event that they can look back on and smile even after fifty years of marriage.
Kathleen recounts the story of one of her favourite clients, who'd been to two other event planners before her. The bride-to-be wanted 'simple and elegant', but couldn't get them to share her vision. It wasn't the fact that she had a small budget, the problem was that what she wanted wouldn't fit the budget. As Kathleen listened to her client, she discovered that having a Saturday wedding wasn't that important to the bride-to-be as long as the things that were important were covered. So Kathleen found her a banquet hall vendor that gave discounts on off-peak day weddings, in addition to huge bonuses on food, flowers, photos- all the things she needed for her wedding! " My client had her dream wedding on a Sunday afternoon, and all within her budget," smiles Kathleen,quietly confident that indeed, her clients' wishes are what she delivers.
Kathleen can be contacted at
416-985 0604
29,Sprucelands Avenue,Brampton,ON L5R 1N8


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