Valerie Ricci and Julio Nabon have got it all: a happily engaged couple,they also work as a team to do the work they both love and what's more, have had their own company since 2009- welcome to Duet Event Photography!
Specializing in wedding and event photography,and working out of the Toronto area,Valerie and Julio say what sets them apart from other photographers is that they treat their clients like their friends."We like to form a connection with them from the beginning so that they feel comfortable with us, allowing us to do the best job possible,'explains Valerie. The feedback they get really validates their approach- their clients feel very much at ease and always appreciate the hard work put in not only on the day of shooting but in the discussions and preparations beforehand. Firm believers in natural light photography, they prefer to shoot during the 'golden hour', one and a half hours before sunset, but otherwise love and welcome ideas from their clients.
The two photographers' greatest strength is their ability to support each other by incorporating their different styles of shooting. This in turn gives their clients the most comprehensive photographic representation of their big day. Valerie and Julio's startegy is to always have different points of focus, in a photojournalistic manner, and to be always documenting something. The amount of coverage is up to the couple, as all packages are customized based on the coverage required and the budget. Since they both believe strongly in accomodating their clients as much as possible, very often they help out the couples by staging a faux cake cutting or first dance if time doesn't permit this on the actual day.
 Being romantics at heart, Valerie and Julio feel that one of the biggest perks of their job is to be welcomed into a couple's lives on the most important day of their new life together. One of their most memorable events was the wedding of Igor and Katya which they describe as an 'amazing experience, absolutely perfect'. Both feel strongly that it is the couples who matter, that their vision of their special day is the most imporatnt thing." We don't push props or poses that our clients aren't comfortable with...we feel that it is their day, and that its our job to document it as best as we can, making sure that they are comfortable and having fun in the process", they declare.
Judging by the number of satisfied and happy clients, this philosophy certainly works for Duet Event Photography!
Julio Nabon and Valerie Ricci can be contacted at:
1610-Markbrook Lane
Toronto,ON M9V5E7


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