When it comes to choosing between either a bridal veil or a tiara there are a few points you should keep in mind.



1. A big gown needs a large headpiece

Most brides forget that when they put on their wedding gown they will be putting on a formal gown. For many brides, this will be the first time in their life they have ever worn a formal gown. If they are not careful with their choices, their gown and headpiece can literally swallow them whole so it is important to remember to keep your look proportionate. If you have a large wedding gown and choose a small headpiece you will look bottom heavy and your look will not be balanced which create an ugly statement.


2. Choose a headpiece with several removable elements

If you choose a headpiece like this you will be able to have several different looks. So, for example, you can wear one look for your ceremony like a veil and then change it into a completely new look, like a tiara, for your reception. This will help keep you looking fresh and beautiful all day long. For a look like this, some brides will choose a short veil with a small hair accessory that can be removed later on. It creates a stunning effect and most brides are very happy with a choice like this.


3. Use veiling as part of your trim

If you choose something called “French veiling” this is veiling, not netting. This type of French veiling can be worn by a bride who does not want to wear a traditional veil as part of her headpiece. It does not have to come down over her face and can look very dramatic.


4. Let your imagine dictate your choice

Choosing to purchase your bridal headpiece online is a good choice because a bridal headpiece is designed to fit everyone person imaginable. But to find a bridal headpiece that will set you apart from the other brides you know, you need to engage your imagination.  If you like beads and are wearing beads on your wedding gown, you might wish to incorporate them on your headpiece. Some brides augment their headpiece with petals or other flower motifs. If you want to have a truly unique headpiece work with a local milliner who can help bring your design vision to life.


5. Remember that bridal trends change

This is evident when you look at what brides are choosing these days for their headpiece. Up until a few years ago, most brides were opting not to wear any kind of headpiece. Now the trend is swinging back toward little flowers and bird cage veils with accessories that can be easily removed. A few years ago, many brides opted for a tiara. These days you won’t see them quite as much as beautiful as they are. In 2014, the trend will be more toward hand-beading on a headpiece to really show it off.


6. Choose your headpiece based on the shape of your gown

Many brides will opt to choose their headpiece first but this is really the wrong approach. A bride should try on multiple gowns in different silhouettes and only when she has chosen her gown should she even begin to think about a headpiece. She can then spend time looking at many different headpieces while wearing her gown to see which best suits her face and the shape of her dress. The choice of a headpiece will depend on many different aspects to her look such as the gown and the accessories she will wear on the big day.






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