One of the things married couples complain about the most is that they feel like all the romance left their relationship as soon as they returned from their honeymoon. Granted, it can be tough to keep romance alive once all the drama of the wedding has died down. But if you want to keep your marriage vital, you must figure out ways to keep romance alive between you and your spouse. There are some clever and interesting way to keep romance alive in even the longest lasting marriage.

Once the honeymoon is finished, the real hard work of having a marriage begins. This is the phase where you learn what it is like to live together as a couple and share everything -- good and bad -- together. This is the time when you learn to cope with life with your spouse on a daily basis and that it is why it vitally important to keep romance alive between the two of you. This means that there are several things you should not give up no matter how tempting it might be to do so.


1.      Plan a weekly date night

Whether your plan a date night for your spouse as a way to surprise them or the two of you plan it together, this is one of the best ways to keep romance alive in a marriage. It says to the other person, “You are still special to me and I still want to court you.” It is very easy to let the dolldrums of everyday life take over your entire marriage. But if you want to keep romance alive, do take this little extra step. You’ll be surprised at how well it can keep the flame kindled.


2.         Keep paying attention to your grooming and personal style

This is very easy to stop doing once you settle into the comfort of being with your partner all the time. But it is very important that you not do this if you want to keep romance alive between the two of you.  It is far easier to throw on a pair of sweatpants in the morning. But sloppiness in your grooming will eventually slide over into your relationship as well. You want to keep yourself fresh and neatly groomed and that will reflect in your relationship.


3.         Keep up your communication skills

You can not keep romance alive with someone with whom you do not communicate well. Verbal communication and body language are the things that keep relationships going and intact and allow them to grow. Even if you are angry with your spouse, deal with it assertively and in an upfront manner. Encourage them to talk to you in the same way. This is not the same as the old adage “Never to go to bed angry”. But even if there is an issue between the two of you, you must talk it out completely until both parties are satisfied.


4. Always remember important dates

A spouse who truly wants to keep romance alive with their marriage partner will always remember important dates like birthdays and anniversaries. So, if you don’t already have an electronic or digital calendar, now is the perfect time to subscribe to one. Choose one that will send you an email alert, preferably at least two weeks in advance if you need a lot of lead time to plan. Forgetting significant dates in a marriage is one of the best ways to signal that you don’t care about your spouse. Don’t do that.


5.         Take your spouse’s feelings into consideration

Once you’ve been married for a while it is easy to assume that you know what your spouse will think about almost everything. So, if you are invited to a colleague’s home for dinner, it is easy to just accept the invitation without checking with your spouse first. This is a bad plan of action. It is very simple to adopt an attitude of “check with Suzy first” before you agree to anything or spend an amount of money more than $30 or so. This says to your spouse that you care about what they think and how they might react in a given situation.


Following these simple rules of engagement will help you keep romance alive in your marriage for years to come.



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