Now that you have set your budget the next step is to think about setting the date.


Picking the perfect date for your wedding is an important decision that you should discuss and agree on together. It will be a date that you will celebrate your wedding anniversary for years to come.


Therefore you should allow yourself plenty of time for planning 12 months is normally the standard. By doing so you will be able to secure your favourite suppliers and not have to rush into making any decisions.


Here are a few things to consider before setting the date


  • Day/Time of year – Saturdays between the months of May – October are still the most popular time to get married, but more couples are considering “off days”, like Friday, Sunday, or midweek days or “off season” between the months of November – April.  If you are able to be flexible about the day or month then this can make a big difference to your budget. Don’t forget to consider the weather because this will also affect your wedding style and location.


  • Holidays – Many venues host more than just weddings, so they'll not only book up quickly but will also hold parties as well. During Christmas many venues put up additional decorations and floral arrangements, so you may be able to take advantage of this and save money in your budget.


  • Special Dates/Events – Check with both families to make sure family members are not celebrating any important or special events such as other weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs or a milestone wedding anniversary.


  • Pregnancy - If you are pregnant, do you choose a date before or after the baby is born?  If you decide to pick a date before the baby comes along, take into consideration that your dress may need to be altered a few times more than expected. Also, you may want to consider pregnant family members' due dates.


  • Sporting Events - Sporting widows should remember that the FA Cup Final or the 2016 Olympics is an event your fiancé or even some of your guests won’t want to miss it, therefore, keep an eye out for these dates.


Once you have decided on a date, make sure to start spreading the word among friends and family so they don't inadvertently plan their own wedding or any other important events on your date. You may consider sending out save the date cards.  (We have a variety of these cards that make use of a beautiful photograph or more from your engagement session.  Just remember to allow enough time to select the image, get the cards produced and then mailed by snail-mail.)

Basic Save the Date Card (front)

Basic Save the Date Card (back)

Men are well-known for forgetting their wedding anniversary so take this into consideration, so how about choosing a cool wedding date. Like 4/8/16,  2/10/18 -- these will make excellent and (hopefully) memorable wedding dates. Just be aware that there is a lot of competition for these dates, so you'll have to book early to grab a day like these.


Now, go set a date and have fun!


~NightinGail Photography




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