Barbara & Scott -  August 29, 2003 at McLean House, Estates of Sunnybrook

Remember when people used to meet through school, work or through friends, rather than on the internet? Well, that’s how Scott and I met – through his sister, Kelly. We had been working at the same company and were both students at the University of Toronto.
One day at the water cooler, complaining about a bad date, I signed, wondering where the good guys are hiding. Before I knew it, Kelly had whipped a photo of her brother out of her wallet and pushed it into my face. All I can say is, it was a university graduation picture, yes, in the gown, and I wasn’t impressed.
Feeling trapped, I agreed to a double date but when the day came along, I called in sick to work. If I’m too sick for work, surely, I’m too sick to go on a terrible date.
Fortunately, Kelly was relentless and set up another date. Since I couldn’t really call in sick again (that might be too obvious), I went.
Turned out, he was “the one” and we were married two years later. That was almost eight years ago.
When the time came to propose, Scott went on a hunt for a ring but found the options overwhelming. Coming home disappointed, he let it slip that he can’t make a selection. The next day, I offered to shop with him and found a ring in the first store. I mean, come on, a diamond is a diamond and they’re all pretty!
Buying the ring, Scott informed me that “we’re not engaged until I ask you.” I agreed knowing that he probably wouldn’t wait too long. Sure enough, a few hours later, Scott was on one knee and I was wearing that ring.



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