Layal and Scott's Story 

We met at our local Residence pub when we were both attending York University. We both lived in the same Residence building two years apart, so we had common friends. Scott was quite the ladies man, so I was always trying to be careful around him. We were friends for about a year before deciding to start dating. The irony is that he had just finished completing his transfer papers to the University of Windsor a month before we decided to give I try, so we had to put up with about 4 years of long distance before being able to live in the same city again. 

My husband is a film director, and during that time, he was still a student learning how to make his first film. His film was about a couple in love looking to make a move in their future, and it was dedicated to me. The day he proposed, we had gone to a U2 Concert and on our way home, he had the limo driver stop at the river where he filmed the movie. He pretended he needed some fresh air and I had no idea what was going on. Next thing we knew, he was proposing to me on the same bench as the girl in his movie, proving once again that ‘life imitates art’. 
I was in complete shock. He had been toying with my emotions for a couple of weeks prior purposely so that I had no idea it was coming (yes, men seem to think that’s funny). As for my family, turns out they knew before I did!

Being together for 9 years before getting married, you go through a lot of phases in life that challenge you. I would say the biggest hurdle was the 4 year long distance relationship after only about a month of official dating. Being able to keep optimistic about the whole situation, while still trying to get to know each other was more difficult than we had both imagined. We made it work, and we still make it work. We have the kind of personalities that seem to mesh very well together. We work through and get over issues fairly quickly. 
We were married at the Old Mill Inn in Toronto. It was the first venue we saw, and fell in love with it right away. It was perfect for us. 

You know, you hear and read about all these nightmare stories with brides and their vendors, and all I can say is that we were so positively blessed to have such fantastic vendors behind us. Our planning and our day went perfectly. Some came recommended to us, some we did research on, and all were a great choice. I would recommend them to anyone out there. In no particular order, our main vendors were:

Trade Sensations– Carla and her team were a breath of fresh air! Trade Sensations is a one-stop shop for all your bridal needs. We were introduced to them a little late in the game, so we were only able to use their décor services. Our hall looked amazing! The pricing was great, the service was efficient, and they put a lot of effort into finding exactly what I wanted. Considering how picky I am, they were very accommodating.  

Ardenian Flowers – Dealing with Ardenian flowers was a delight. Naira is an extremely talented woman with a great eye for flower decor. Rather than trying to impose ideas on me, she took the time to ask for my budget first, and then give me the different options that she can accommodate. We loved her work so much, she has become our regular florist for all occasions now!

Wedding Cake:
I Do Wedding Cakes – amazing taste, amazing price. Highly recommended. Response time was always efficient and delivery was timely. I still have people asking me for a piece out of my freezer!
Frame of Mind Photography – from our engagement pictures to our wedding pictures, Frame of Mind has never let us down. The team really knows how to bring out the best in their clients’ photos, and we still receive compliments every time people see the pictures.   Anthony, Joe, Yan, and the crew were amazing to work with. We can’t wait to see what they’ve done with our video! They made our memories that much sweeter.

Old Mill Inn – the venue speaks for itself, and we fell in love with it the minute we saw it. It is a great place to choose if you are trying to get away from the traditional hall atmosphere. I highly recommend working with Helen Weech who put up with a lot of my last minute changes with grace and no complaints. The food was delicious, the room is a decoration in itself, and the atmosphere was nothing short of spectacular. Everything was set up perfectly and on time, and we had no issues whatsoever pre-wedding nor during the wedding.

Maximum DJ –  When you have everybody up on the floor dancing, you know your DJ was a great choice. I received a lot of compliments about the music choice, and Maximum DJ really knows how to show your guests a great time! They allowed us to customize the playlist so it consists of songs we love, and eliminate songs we disliked. We had a fantastic time, and the music was a huge factor!
A big shout-out and thank you to all our other amazing vendors who contributed to making our day so special. We loved all their work and highly recommend them all:

Salon Jean Nicola – Hairstyling.               
Giulia’s Invitations - Menu & placecards   
Arabesque – Belly Dancing entertainment
Lyz Plant – Make-up Artist                     
Tina Durocher – Invitations                     
Kilts Canada – Kilt Rental                      
David Waterhouse – Highland Bagpipes
Amie Banks – Wedding Planner
A & C Limousine – Limousine Rental




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