1. How did you meet?
It was Frosh week 2002 at U of S Residence. I was in my second year at Laurentian University and Paul was a frosh that year. I spotted him right away at our Welcome BBQ. For the next few weeks, we started to get to know each other. Our first date was a movie night in my residence room. We made it “official” October 9, 2002 and we’ve been together ever since. 

2. How did he propose?
It was April 30, 2010 and the Montreal Canadians were playing on TSN. Just before 8pm, Paul went into one of our spare rooms where he had been hiding the ring for months. He sat there for a while trying to figure out how to get my attention. His eyes finally spotted my container full of change. He threw the container against the laminate flooring making a huge crashing sound. I was out in the living room and yelled “what did you break?” Paul replied “Come here, come here!” When I entered the spare room, he was down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

3. What was your reaction?
I said “of course!” We then kissed, hugged and laughed at the change all over the floor. 

4. What challenges did you face when planning your big day?
One of our biggest challenges was hiring a wedding planner who we later found out was not certified. We wanted someone to help us out with the entire process since we are living in Timmins and the wedding is taking place in Woodstock. Unfortunately, our planner caused us more stress and I ended up having to do most of the work myself. We ultimately decided to let that planner go and have since found Shay who has been wonderful!
Some of the challenges in planning our wedding at a distance include having to schedule a few extra trips to southern Ontario during the past year and having to attend all of our meetings with vendors in a day or two rather than having the opportunity to spread them out. Nevertheless, I wouldn’t change having our wedding in my hometown!

5. Where did you get married?
We are getting married in Woodstock, Ontario on July 9, 2011. The ceremony is taking place at Holy Trinity Catholic Church and the reception is being held at Craigowan (Oxford) Golf and Country Club.

6. How would you describe your wedding day?
We haven’t gotten there yet but I am anticipating it being magical! We couldn’t be more excited to celebrate our marriage surrounded by our family and friends.

7. Which vendors did you use?
Ceremony – Holy Trinity Catholic Church (Woodstock)
Reception – Craigowan (Oxford) Golf and Country (Woodstock)
Wedding Planner – Mosaic Event Planning (Burlington)
Photographer – Novella Photography (Kitchener)
DJ – Sensational Sounds (Brantford)
Decorator – Now and Always (Brantford)
Florist – Floral Buds and Design (Woodstock)
Bakery – DeeLights Bakery (Woodstock)
Transportation for guests – Sharp Bus Lines (Innerkip)
Limo – A Universal Limousine (London)
Hair stylist – Hair Masters (Woodstock)
Tuxedo Rental – Collins Formal Wear (London)
Hotel – Quality Inn and Suites (Woodstock)


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