Ardalan & Mehrnoosh - Tanoor Restaurant - April 16th 2011


Our Story... In a nutshell !

"I guess our wedding  must be placed in the Guinness world record for the wedding with the shortest planning time! The whole planning and execution was done in only 3 weeks! Our parents surprised us by letting us know that they got a VISA and were coming to Canada in a week. So, we changed our destination wedding plans and started to plan a local wedding instead. This was an extreme makeover project for us ! As everyone knows wedding arrangement and booking takes at least a year or more in Ontario. We contacted a Persian tea house style restaurant, Tanoor, which we really liked due to its authentic look. The owner was extremely helpful and cooperative, and no need to mention the food, music, and belly dancer were all amazing.

We picked REMA studio as our photographer, which was another excellent selection. The wedding planners, were Carla and Alexis from Trade sensation Events. Upon meeting Carla from Trade Sensation Events she noticed how panicked we were as we were a week away from our wedding date and still had no clue about the decor vision. We struggled with how to make the place feel like a wedding venue. Carla immediately went to the Restaurant and designed a Layout for decor  and did a re-arrangement of the chairs, and tables to give it the look and feeling of a cozy wedding venue. The flowers were also arranged by Trade Sensation as well and Naira did a great job. All these people were extremely friendly, helpful and did their best to make it a memorable night for us and our guests." A day to remember for always !




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