easyMatch is our free online wedding planning tool.  It is designed to assist you through the difficult task of planning your wedding service needs like finding a DJ or hiring a Florist.   But what makes easyMatch truly unique is that it puts you in direct contact with wedding vendors.
Lets take a closer look at how it works:
The Old Way:
In the past, planning your wedding was a stressful affair that had you researching and then calling hundreds of vendors in the hopes of finding just one who could meet your needs.  This was at best a frustrating process that would end up in a number of wasted hours that could have been better spent doing something else, like at the spa, relaxing!

The easyMatch Method:
1. Plan Your Service Needs
Log into your account and under the easyMatch page, start planning the details of the services that you need for your wedding. Include comprehensive details like your wedding date, budget and then simply check off all the details that you need for that particular service.   The more details that you provide, the better the chance will be that a vendor will get in touch with you.  

See the illustration on the right for wedding invitations.  

2. Vendors Contact YOU
Gone are the days where you have to chase after a vendor to return your call just to find out whether or not they even had a spot for you.

The information entered in easyMatch  is made available to our wedding vendors. Your needs are shown to all vendors in that particular category. Vendors who are able to meet your needs contact you through your marreme mailbox to offer you their services.

All you have to do is sit back and relax!

Note: Vendors contact you through our internal mail system. Your privacy is important to us and therefore we will not disclose your personal information.


3. Rest Easy!
Once you've found your perfect vendor, change the status of your easyMatch listing to 'closed' so that it will be removed from the database listing and messages will no longer be sent.  Then, rest easy knowing that your wedding will be perfect and you barely had to lift a finger!

Get started today!